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Zippy? Who is Zippy? You may have asked that a few weeks ago but now Everyone who is Anyone knows the story of Zippy!

They say a cat has 9 lives and Zippy is certainly here to prove it. After a case of “IthoughtIwashelpingbutIdidn’tknowZippywouldhaveabadreaction”, a beloved 9 year old cat was reduced to a shaky, convulsing mess of chemical sensitivity from flea medicine and nearly died.

Thanks to Facebook, some quick thinking on the part of the owner’s grandson and our very own Yellow Cab of the Shenandoah, Zippy was taken care of and transported to the emergency vet where he was treated and is home now. So many people had such kind things to say about each and everyone involved. Who knew that the Yellow Cab of Shenandoah, (who just started their Yel-livery service in June) would be moonlighting as an ambulance for pets? If you are keen on following this story, hop over to What’s Up Front Royal on FB and find out what makes this community great! Many Thanks to the Angel who generously donated her time and money to see that Zippy does indeed live out his 9 lives to the fullest.

More to come as we track Zippy's progress...so far so good...PURRRR..